The Sadness Blog

Welcome to The Sadness Blog, the place to come when you feel sad.

The place where sadness is accepted.

The things I post are designed to inspire emotion and make you think honestly about how you feel.

Enjoy your time on the Sadness Blog. Everybody is welcome anytime because sadness is something that is constantly found in all of us.

Each and every one of us.

Valerie Hegarty, ‘Woman in White with Flowers’, 2012
canvas, stretcher, acrylics, paper, glue, foil, foam, wire, artificial foliage, sand, thread
(via 2headedsnake)


As of 28th January, 2013, The Sadness Blog will be going on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time.

Thank you to the loyal followers or viewers of this blog. If you are following, please don’t unfollow, The Sadness Blog will be returning!

In the meantime, remember: smile, don’t borrow trouble, don’t worry about things that aren’t under your control, and be kind to one another. 

Goodbye for now! 



Michael Zelbel


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